Deal with “them insecure”

“People who are trying to put you down are jealous of you. ” Have you ever heard that before? The cliché is true; been there, done that. You might don’t believe in it, but that’s a sign of intimidation by the other party. They say whatever they can just to put you down and try to get a reaction out of you, they want to make you go like “oh, no I’m not….”. They want to put you down just to elevate themselves. It is insecurity, whether if it comes from your friend, mom, uncle and the list goes on.

First.The way I deal with it is that I don’t show any emotion; it’s hard but it is effective, even though it hurts you still don’t give them what they want.

Second. No one defines who you are except you. If someone calls you names or just being mean; I’d suggest telling them “That’s your opinion.” Get your poker face on and be professional.


These people want attention, and if you don’t give them the reaction they want, people will see how mean they were. You’ll be given credit, because you handled the situation well.

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A really nice quote

Recently I came across this quote and thought I would share it, because it has a nice message.

The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. The kind of relationship you have with yourself is the same you have with others. Having no love for one’s self means having no love for others as well. We all have to learn more about ourselves day by day and we all should show compassion towards ourselves as well as to others.


The more love you have for you, the more you have for others. The more acceptance you have for you, the more you have for others. The more forgiveness you have for you, the more you have for others. Try this concept.

Love yourself because you are unique!

Love yourself because you deserve it

One of the main ingredients of being happy is not comparing one’s self to another. There’s really no point of doing it whatsoever. We are all marred in some way and so we are here to transform that to our greatness. I’ve seen people destroy themselves by comparing themselves to others. It makes you sad and leaves you feeling worthless. Why on Earth would anyone do that? 

We are all eccentric, hence we cannot be compared. Some people have it easier and some have everything fall on their lap. Life isn’t fair, just deal with that and you’re good to go. Set your own rules, and play by them. No one has the right to tell you who you are, only you, you are the one who controls your life; the biggest question is: are you willing to take control of it, or are you letting yourself down? Everything is just one decision away from you. Choose to work hard for your dreams and never let anyone to break you nor make you feel bad about yourself. You should know that you are a beautiful being and even if you’ve made bad decisions in your past, you grew from them. Stand tall and be proud of who you are, because you have an important role in society; you make the best you. You should focus on what you have and make the most of it. When you start being grateful of what you have, you start duplicating them. You will start becoming the authentic self of yours. It makes life so much easier, start seeking, start doing, start feeling, start working. Set your own pace and learn what lessons life will give to you.

When you stop comparing yourself, you will start seeing how great you are. There will always be people who seem to have it better, but you never really know until you are in their shoes. I’ve always seen certain people that they have it so much better and as the time passed by, they became less perfect. You are awesome with your flaws, and know that you can be loved! Have a little love for yourself because you deserve it.

Please just give yourself a chance, take a risk and make the decision to show who you really are.


Stay motivated

Getting motivated is easy. Staying motivated is the hard part. Just like if you would move to New York City; the easy part is getting there, but the hard part is actually staying there and not going insane.

I’ve always wondered about people who tell me that they’ve set a goal for themselves and then the next thing you know is that they did not do anything at all. Really? There is this trick if you tell people your goals, you are more likely to follow thorough them. No one wants to be seen as unreliable and no one wants to be taken for granted. For some people maybe this is the only way to keep going. For some people it just does not work. But then again you ask them about it and they get insecure and you end up being the ‘worst’ person ever, ‘how could you ask something like this’? Can you relate to this scene? I have been there, and even done that.

What if this ‘tell people to stay motivated’ method does not work for you? It does not work for me, so you are not alone. What I do is I set a goal for myself and wait 3 weeks, while not making any progress. When the 3 weeks are over I will know if I really wanted to do it or not. I think that there are ‘outbursts’ in everyone and then they get excited about it and then they don’t really want it after all. The real question is ‘Do you really want to do that?’.

Let’s say you want to start jogging. You planted the seeds in your head. What happens next? You plan it out and feel good. You know the prize. You do it for a week and you suddenly stop. After that you feel like a failure and you can’t do anything right. Failure is the best lesson, making mistakes is really important in order for you to develop and it should be embraced rather than reject. Take it as a chance to learn and figure out why did you fail. Maybe you did not really want that. Or maybe you want it, but you were impatient, because you did not see any results. Patience is key. That is why I recommend to wait about 3 weeks until you start something. The seed needs some time in order to grow bigger and bigger. Seed as in motivation. After 3 weeks you suddenly see that there is a sprout growing and it starts to grow even faster, or the seeds die. There will be enough motivation for you to develop jogging as a habit and you won’t even think about it.

Another way is; to-do list. Even if you don’t really have much going on, you still can fill the list. You can write anything on your to-do list; let’s say; have breakfast; after you had your breakfast you can tick that and you feel a little bit more productive even though you only had breakfast. First 10 days practice this without any serious business, After that start adding things you want to do but you are too lazy to do so. Slowly make your way to the desired plan. I’m telling you it will be much easier if you do it this way, though you have to experience it in order to understand it. You will learn to manage your time better and your time becomes productivity.

Whether you think you can or can not, you are right! That should help you on your way, and believe in yourself because you are a unique person in this world and thus you can become who you want to be!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

30 Day Challenge

From my experience life is constantly changing. People change, relationships change, the environment is changing, the Queen Of England is changing and so on. Everything changes for the better. The change can manifest thorough a break up, a loss of a loved one, winning on the lottery, and even a little change in your thinking. I think that everything happens for a reason and that makes me feel better wherever I’m feeling down. I know and you should know as well that certain events in our life time happens because it will lead to our greater good.

Sometimes we become stagnant and we can’t move forward. We do the same thing everyday and our lives become boring. When we take a look around everybody seems to enjoy life and you feel like you can’t escape from your routine no matter how hard you want. You know you want to change then again you have no motivation or you try and fail. Failure is a lesson remember that! Think of it this way; Rather fail a million times and be the best at the end, than being good almost instantly. Here’s my guide to make your life more colorful.

  1. You want to change. It is admirable when someone knows that they have to change. Take this as a first step. See you made it!
  2. Start small. I mean really small. This is crucial since most people set out real high goals for themselves and they can’t follow thorough and so they give up and become sad. Starting small will make you get into the habit of doing something productive for yourself. For instance; cook something you have never eaten before, the next day open your dictionary and learn a new word. Challenge yourself for 30 days by making things that you have never done before. Keep track of them!
  3. Read a book. Reading a book will expand your vocabulary and makes you more creative. Read 10 pages everyday from a particular book that you have chosen.
  4. Go out for a run at least once a week. You’ll get use to it. You will get some fresh air as well and your energy levels will grow.
  5. Break one habit. Do you smoke? Do you bite your nails? Do you like eating junk food over healthy food? It’s okay to be extreme sometimes but set your limits.
  6. Find out what you are really good at. Are you good at playing pool? Do you learn languages easily? Can you move your ears? Whatever that is, share with the world. If you are unsure about it ask your friends and family. They might give you an inspiration.
  7. Don’t listen to criticism. You are the only person who knows what you did, what you experienced. You should know that you are a unique person and you are important!
  8. Be patient! If you have set out a goal that you will lose weight or gain muscle mass, you should know that it will not happen overnight. As I said before people get discouraged by not seeing progress. Don’t fall for that mistake. If everything we want would happen instantly, it would lose value and that’s why I think working hard is a gift for us so they become value.

Remember to start small! You can do it, it is within you and no one can take it away from you. Release your inner strength and show the world that you have the courage to step into what you really want!

Feel free to leave a comment and ask me if you have any questions!

Increase your self-esteem

In this post I am going to tell you what steps helped me to increase my self-esteem. I think everyone has it, but is it on the surface or is it buried inside?

  1. Do what you love. Find your passion. I know it’s easier said than done but it is a crucial thing. Get out of your comfort zone. This way you not only learn and enjoy new experiences but also you learn more about your abilities. Have you ever wanted to do something that you were afraid to do? Do it!
  2. Help others. Helping people makes you feel good. If you can help do it, but know your limits. It’s good karma too!
  3. Build on your strength. Do you have something that you’re really good at? Get better at it. Develop that skill.
  4. Don’t let people to take advantage of you. If someone’s always asking for your help but Starshe or she never helps you that means you are being taken advantage of. You don’t want people who are manipulative. They want you to feel bad if you don’t help them. Remember that if you don’t help someone, that does not mean you are a bad person.
  5. Get rid of the negative people. They want to bring you down so they will feel better about themselves. I always say if you have something negative to say to me, give me valid arguments and make it constructive while being discreet about it.
  6. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Failure is a lesson and it is okay to fail. Instead make a value out of your failure and change so next time you will not make the same mistake.
  7. Learn to accept praise. You might wonder, why? If you tell someone they are beautiful they are going to thank it. Tell them that they are ugly; they will remember it for weeks.
  8. Try to find the positive sides of things. If you are positive about things; you will have less stress and also better “aura” that will invite more people in.
  9. Don’t compare yourself to other people. The only person you want to compare yourself is YOU. Be better than you were yesterday.

Feel good, receive good!

Most people don’t know how their thoughts influence their life, although many people are familiar with the term Law Of Attraction. In this article I am going to tell how I understood it, and how I get my free coffee. The most important thing about this “ideology” is that you need to be aware of all the life events you’ve been through are all the remains of your thoughts. I know it’s hard accepting this fact, but once you acknowledge this you can achieve greatness.

Do you want a particular person in your life? Do you want to make more money? Do you want to live the life you have always imagined? You can do that!


  1. First step. “The first step is always the hardest.” It doesn’t have to be that way. In this step you need to be clear what you want to attract. Start small in the beginning then slowly work your way through. The reason why you should start small is you have to get the sense of what it’s like to use the Law Of Attraction. That way you’ll learn how to use it. Okay let’s say you want a new shoe. Imagine the shoe; this way you’ll insert the right image in your head. Visualize when you open the shoe box.
  2. Second step. Now that you have the right image of your new shoe, you also have to feel a certain emotion about it. How would you feel if you had the shoe? Lose yourself in the feeling of having the new shoe. Act like you have it. So now; you have the image of the new Manolo Blahnik, and you feel like you have one. Your shoe is on its way.
  3. Third step. Don’t give up. I know it takes time, but the reward is amazing. In this part you have to receive it. Put some good music on or do something that makes you feel grateful. Since the shoe is on its way and you should know that by now.
  4. Fourth step. Start all over again but now ask for something bigger.

Remember to feel good, because you are wonderful and I know you can achieve what you set out for yourself!